Vision & Mission

Vision:- To be a reputed Technological and Management Institute imparting Quality Education and developing Core Human Values (H3).

Mission:- We are committed for Shaping this Institute with High Repute by Academic Excellence and Core Human Values (H3).

(H3): Honest Humble Human Being

Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee
Sr.No. Name of Member Designation
1 Mr.S.M.Kulkarni(MD,ATS,SBGI) Chairman
2 Dr.Sampatrao Jadhav(CEO,ATS,SBGI) Expert Member
3 Mrs.A.R.Prani Vice-Chairman
4 Mr.A.C.Bhagali(Director,SBGI) Secretery
5 Mrs.D.S.Chakraborty(Vice Principal ,D.Pharmacy) Convener
6 Adv.P P.Narwadkar Member
7 Police Nirikshak, Suvarna Patki Member
8 Dr. S.C Bharamgude. Member
9 Mr. A.S Rade (OS , SBGI) Member
10 Mrs.B.N. Duragade(Faculty,Dip Engg) Member
11 Mrs.A K. Inamdar(MBA) Member
12 Mrs.S.A.Kale.(Principal, Mahila Vikas) Member
13 Mrs.A.S.Kamble( Faculty ,B.PEd .College) Member
14 Mrs.S.J.Patil( Faculty ,D.Ed. College) Member
15 Ms.Sukanya Patil(Student) Member
16 Ms.Aishwarya Jadhav(Student) Member