Vision & Mission

Vision:- To be a reputed Technological and Management Institute imparting Quality Education and developing Core Human Values (H3).

Mission:- We are committed for Shaping this Institute with High Repute by Academic Excellence and Core Human Values (H3).

(H3): Honest Humble Human Being

Training Conducted Till Date
Traning Details Date No. of
Resource Person Target Audience Remark
1 Peer Enablement Programme Campus Connect 22-Aug-11 1 Anil Surve All Engineering Faculty Campus Connect
2 Road Show- Campus Connect 26-Aug-11 1 Mrs. Soudamini Patil All TE student & Eng. Faculty Campus Connect
3 One day workshop- Green Technology & Tensile Structure 22-Sep-11 1 Dr. S.V.Ranade & Mr. S C Kunate TE Mech & Civil Lead College Activity
4 Session arranged on "Career in Army"by Lt.Col.Hemant Joshi 12-Nov-11   Lt.Col Hemant Joshi MBA I & II  
5 Guest lecture on "Goal Setting" By 23-Nov-11 1   MBA I & II  
6 Guest Lecture On 'Career in Foreign country'by Pradip Athvale 26-Nov-11 1 Dr.Pradip Athavale MBA I  
7 Intervention Training "Talent Transformation" 15-Dec-11 1 Col.Ingle & Col.Patil SE(Civil & EEE)  
8 Intervention Training "Talent Transformation" 16-Dec-11 1 Col.Ingle & Col.Patil SE(Mech & EEE)  
9 Intervention Traning "Talent Transformation" 17-Dec-11 1 Col.Ingle & Col.Patil SE(CSE & EEE)  
10 Intervention Training "Talent Transformation" 18-Dec-11 1 Col.Ingle & Col.Patil SE(E&TC & EEE)  
11 Talent Transformation 23-Dec-11 3 Col.Ingle & Col.Patil TE(Mech & Civil)  
12 Faculty development Programme 29-Sep-11 2 Mr.Ananth Ramalah All Faculty Eng,MBA & Diploma Lead College Activity
13 Talent Transformation 15-Jan-11 3 Col.Ingle & Col.Patil TE(CSE & E&TC)  
14 Talent Transformation 19-Jan-11 3 Col.Ingle & Col.Patil FE(Perday 88 students))  
15 Talent Transformation 30-Jan-12 3 Col.Ingle & Col.Patil MBA II (all students)  
16 Soft skill training from Seed Infotech(Sponsored by Lead college RIT) 01-Feb-12 1 Trainer from Seed Infotech Selected TE Engineering students,All Branch Lead college Activity
17 Soft skill training from Seed Infotech(Sponsored by Lead College RIT) 02-Feb-12 1 Trainer from Seed Infotech Selected SE Engineering student,All Branch Lead college Activity
18 Talent Transformation 03-Feb-12 1 Col.Ingle & Col.Patil MBA I (All student)  
19 Orientation Program 04-Feb-12 1 Col.Ingle & Col.Patil All non Teaching Staff  
20 One Day workshop on Design Consideration of Centrifugal Pump 11-Feb-12 1 Mr.S N Natu & Mr.S V Muttawalli Faculty & Students(Mech + Civil) Lead college Activity
21 Aptitude Training 01-Mar-12 3 Rishicool Training Consultancy MBA II (all students)  
22 World Womens Day 19-Mar-12 3 Col.Ingle & Col.Patil FE(Perday 88 students))