Department Of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering has evolved into an exciting high technology discipline covering a wide spectrum of engineering activities. The department has 6 laboratories with latest technologies and equipment's.

  • Analog Electronics Lab.
  • Digital & Microcontroller Lab.
  • Measurment & Control lab.
  • Communication & Advance Communication lab.
  • Electronics Workshop lab.
  • Programming lab.


Electronics and Telecommunication department provides a program of highest quality to produce creative technocrafts , who can address the challenges of new century and excel at international level in order to enhance global prosperity.


With the vision, the mission of Electronics & Telecommunication department is to provide its students with a knowledge required for high quality engineering process of creating , developing , shairing and applying knowledge about electronics and information technology which helps to equip its students with a broad intellectual spectrum in order to prepare them for diverse and compititive carrier paths.

Establishment of Department:2011

  • Intake:54