Faculty Achievement
Sr.No Name of Faculty Achievements

Dhudappa Subrao Bhangari

  • Published Paper on Speaker Recognition using HMM, NCOAT-NIRMITI-2012,PIET, Nagpur
  • Published Paper on Enhancemnt of Voice over IP  via Dual Qureue Strategy, NCOAT-NIRMITI-2011,PIET, Nagpur
  • Published Paper on Multiple Frame Size and Rate Analysis for Speaker Recognition under Limited Data Condition, NCOAT-NIRMITI-2011,PIET, Nagpur
  • Published Paper on Network Desing and E-security, NCOAT-NIRMITI-2008,PIET, Nagpur
  • Multi level Hierarchical Video Source Coding  using SPIHT, ETA-2006, Sourashtra Rajkot
  • Scalable Video Coding Scheme, NCICT-2007, D.J.Sangvi, Mumbai

Rashmi Sudin Gaikwad​

  • Attended one Week Faculty Development Program organized by faculty of polytechnic SBGI, Miraj from 16/06/2014 to 20/6/2014.
  • Attended FDP on ‘Vibrant Teacher – Neurolinguistic Programming’ by Dr. Bharat Chougule At SBGI Miraj.
  • Attended two week ISTE workshop conducted by IIT Kharagpur on ‘Control Systems’ from 02/12/2014 to 12/12/2014.
  • Organized one day workshop on ‘BETA- Basic Electrical Training and Applications’ for EEE dept. students 24/09/2014.
  • Attended syllabus setting workshop of Shivaji University for Electronics and Telecommunication Branch arranged by E&TC dept., SBGI, Miraj on 31/01/2015.
  • Published paper on Sign Language Gesture Recognition using Feed forward Neural Networks in IJGIP, volume 5, issue 1,Feb.2015
  • Published paper on “Applications of Neural Networks in Sign Language Gesture Recognition” in IJGIP, volume 3, issue 11,Nov.2015, ISSN 2321-8169.
  • Organized one week STTP on ‘Developing Competency for Teaching Pedagogy’ from 28/12/15 to 01/01/16


  •  Books Authored 'Electrical Engineering’: Technova Publications Pune , 2000.
  •  Books Authored'Electrical Technology’ : Technova Publications Pune , 2000. 
  •  Books Authored 'Instrumentation and Control System’: Technova Publications Pune , 2000.
  • ISTE – Life Member for Indian Society for Technical Education New Delhi, LM 21624
  • “Effect of excitation capacitor on the performance of a self excited induction generator” International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Applications in Engineering, Technology and Sciences. (IJ-ETA-ETS) January 2010, PP 722-725 ISSN: 0974-3588
  • “Operating an induction motor as a self excited induction generator” Proceedings of 23rd National convention of electrical engineers, Institution of Engineers (India) November 2007, pp 35-37 ​
  • Pico Hydro-Case study of induction generator in C-2C configuration, “ International journal of scientific and Technology research, Vol-1 issue -1, Nov. 2012​