Laboratory Details (Civil Engineering)
Name of Laboratories Surveying Lab
Major Equipment`s Total Station, Thedolite, Dumpy, All other survey instruments.
Lab Utilization for Subject Surveying I (SE), Surveying II (SE),Basic Civil Engg. (FE)
Lab In charge Mrs. S. A. Chougule
Lab Area 66.66
Cost in RS 9,74,945
Name of Laboratories Stuctural Mechanics Lab
Major Equipment`s Universal Testing Machine, Hardness Testing machine, Charpy Impact/Izod Testing
Lab Utilization for Subject SM I (SE), SM II (SE), SM III (TE)
Lab In charge Mr. S. A. Mahadik
Lab Area 66.66
Cost in RS 4,91,205
Name of Laboratories Geotechnical Engg Lab
Major Equipment`s Direct shear Box app , Triaxial cell ,Pore water pressure app,Unconfined compresses ion test App ,
Lab Utilization for Subject Geotechnical Engg I,Geotechnical Engg II
Lab In charge Prof.S.V.Waghmare
Lab Area 66.66
Cost in RS

5, 02,272

Name of Laboratories Transportation Engg Lab
Major Equipment`s Ring & ball apparatus ,Penitrometer, flash & fir point apparatus, Ductility testing machine, Viscometer, Stripping value meter
Lab Utilization for Subject Transportation Engg.
Lab In charge Prof.V.S.Kamble
Lab Area 66.66
Cost in RS 1,58,989
Name of Laboratories  Applied mechanics Lab
Major Equipment`s Universal force with weights, Jib crane, Bell crank Lever, Support Reaction Beam
Lab Utilization for Subject Applied mechanics 
Lab In charge Mr. Prof.O. V. Joglekar
Lab Area 66.66
Cost in RS 1,10,400
Name of Laboratories  Auto Cad Lab
Major Equipment`s Computes, Scanner, Printers
Lab Utilization for Subject Autocad, Building design and drawing
Lab In charge Mr. Lande A.C.
Lab Area 66.66
Cost in RS 5,65,250
Name of Laboratories  Environmental Engg Lab
Major Equipment`s Conductivity Meter,Muffle Furnace,Turbidity meter, Autoclave,pressure Indicator,Water bath,Flame photometer
Lab Utilization for Subject Environmental Engg I,Environmental Engg II
Lab In charge Prof.N.P.Kulkarni
Lab Area 66.66
Cost in RS 2,75,827
Name of Laboratories Geology Lab
Major Equipment`s  
Lab Utilization for Subject Engg. Geology
Lab In charge Prof.S. S. Kamble
Lab Area 66.66
Cost in RS 1,85,810