Experts Guest Lecture
Sr.NO Name of Activity Name of Resource person Date/s of conduction Name of coordinator Level of Participants attended Number of students attended
1 Construction Practices Mr. D.B. Desai 07/03/2013 Mr. S. K. Kamane B.E 45
2 Advance Construction Technique & Compestion construction Mr.V.B.Khurd 04/04/2013 Ms.V.S.Kamble BE 40
3 High Rise Buildings in Dubai Mr.Abhijeet Kulkarni 22/02/2013 Mr.G.G.Kulkarni SE,TE,BE 153
4 Design of Pipe Network Mr.M.H.Mota 13/09/2013 Mrs.N.P.Kulkarni TE 45
5 Geotechnical Engineering Dr.Rajesh Padhye 25/09/2013 Mrs.S.S.Shiyekar TE 58
6 Tender and Contracts Er. Sachin Chivate (PWD) 13/09/14. Mr. A.D. Katdare BE 58
7 Ground Water Hydrology. Mr.P.T.Patil 4/10/2014 Mr. P. A.Pisal TE,BE 126
8 Irrigation Engg. Mr. D. G .Katdare 8/7/2014 Mr. A.D. Katdare BE 48
9 Koina hydroelectric power project including lake tapping

Er. C. R. Khoparde


2-2-2016 Mr. A C. Lande TE 70
10 Career opportunities Mr. Surykant Dodmise,Mr. Patwardhan Vinayak 8/7/2016 Mr. S. A. Mahadik BE 75
11 Information about Architectural engineering field Ar. Pramod Chougule 11/3/16 Mrs. S. A. Chougule TE BE 150
  Ground Water Hydrology
  Mr. P. A.Pisal
2/9/2016 Mrs. S. A. Chougule TE 70
13 Structural analysis & Design Using STAAD-Pro Mr. Prabhat Bhat 24/8/2016 Mr. J H. Sarpe BE 80
14 Use of Software in network analysis Mr. M. M. Mota 16/9/2016 Mrs. N. P. Kulkarni TE 58
15 Boundary Layer Theory Mr. A. S. Ingale 05/10/16 Mr. S V Waghmare SE 76
16 Current Scenario in Construction field Mr. Sanjay Patil 16/01/2017 Mr. B. S. Sawant B.E. 25